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Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Update on the New MusicRVA Website

Things are progressing along on the new site, altho not nearly as quickly as I had hoped. It sometimes does get overwhelming trying to do so many different things at once, and then compounding that with health issues as well, I am just lucky I am not at a standstill LOL.

It is because I find myself behind the schedule I had originally planned, I decided to go ahead and make the new website live, even before all the pages where set up. I know, I know, that isn't very professional. My reasoning is that I will not be sending it to any search engines until the end of the year, and by that time there will be much done. I am also hoping and counting on my fellow Richmonders to help get things moving by sending in thier linking info to me at the MusicRVA MySpace Page for bands, venues and area resources.

I am also looking for readers and viewers who are willing to submit articles, reviews, and other snippets about the RVA scene. I will eventually have a very easy way to submit copy, but again, for now, I am doing everything thru MySpace. If you are a band and do not have a MySpace page, now is the time to get one. Then come on over and request a friend add.

You can also help by bookmarkiing the new site
MusicRVA, visiting it often and making use of some of the functions already in place like the Richmond Music Search Engine, and the Shout Box. You, the community is what will make the search engine viable and relevant, your use of it and your interactions there by submitting your own sites to the engine, and helping to vote up or down, the results that show up.

The MRVA Shout Box is simple to use, and you can leave a short promo there for your band, upcoming CD or show, and website info for all who visit the page to see. Be sure to leave any suggestions you might have for the site there also.

I have been very bad lately about keeping the blogs and other communication updated, and I truly appologise for that. Some of you know I am not a well person anymore, and those who don't, do now LOL! So any help from the peanut gallery is welcome HA HA!! This is your Richmond Music site, help make it be what the area has been sorely lacking and needing for so long. It is my gift to RVA, since life keeps me homebound more than not these days, I create this with love!!