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Friday, February 8, 2008

Want a chance to get signed to Epic Records?

Of course you do, what respectible band or musician would say no to a statement like that.
You now have a chance to do just that.

Remember MP3.com? They were great for awhile and then they got greedy and disappeared.
I have something better! It's called MusicNation
and it's HOT!

Bands can upload videos or link to them from YouTube and if people like them,
MusicNation re-directs them to the
links of your choice. That could be MySpace, your personal website, your blog, or
anything else you choose.

Your fans can play a large part here too, by sharing favorite band videos, and spreading
the word for you.

Look at some of the great features this awesome new site has.

  • Artist Profile

    Selfless promotion, make friends, upload music, send fans to your links elsewhere.

  • Tools

    Pimp your profiles on MySpace or other sites and promote yourselves with MusicNation
    widgets and more.

  • Share Your Music

    You can sell it, give it away, or send it out to key places, MusicNation will help you.

  • Launch Pad

    A recommendation engine that plays matchmaker between you and new fans

  • Competitions

    Earn prizes, media coverage, and recording contracts.
    Enter your musical masterpiece in one of many competitions. Here are just a few:

  • The Chevrolet Song Search February 19th - March 4th

    Bebo OnStage February 11th - March 3rd

    Rhyme Time February 5th - February 12th

    Tricks of the Trade January 22nd - February 20th

    Spin Hot Pursuit ROCK PILE December 19th - January 23rd

    Slash's Ultimate Guitar Showdown November 27th - December 21st

    Fight Klub - FK Anthem Competition October 30th - February 5th

    and many others.

    I saved the best part for last!
    Bands that get a lot of play have a chance at getting signed by MusicNation.com's
    partner EPIC RECORDS!

    Yep, you heard that right. So don't hesitate, jump on this chance by joining
    MusicNation now. The sooner you get heard the better your chances are.

    Monday, February 4, 2008

    The Forum Has Moved!

    After spending several weeks trying to find the time to really start structuring the forum on forumer, and having a few people join along with me and some of the writers, I get online Saturday morning to find that forum completely offline. The whole server had been down since that morning, well into the night.

    It did not seem like any progress was made on fixing it from what I read in the support forum, so I spent all day searching and researching new forum services Yet Again. Honestly, I was getting more and more frustrated and disappointed in the other forum anyway.

    The good news is, I ran across another even better service, while also being a bit difficult to understand, seems to have much more potential, and user options as well. We also have Chat right there on the forum which I think is a huge plus.

    In any case, please refer to the new forum links, and please join and participate. Some of our writers have already joined over and have begun posting. Wont you join them!

    MusicRVA Forum Portal

    MusicRVA Forum Index

    See you there!