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Friday, March 27, 2009

Get on Our Top List - New Fun Ways To Link

Would you like to be on MusicRVA and connected sites Top List? We have introduced a new fun way to get your links or banners shown on our network for next to nothing. You will be helping to support bands, music, and its great fun too!

Here are your options, which will soon be on the sidebar of our blogs and sites. If you participate, your text links or image links will show up in our Top Site Boxes for the duration of time you "tip" us for. Here are your options.

10 slots available.
With this option, you tip the site $1 if you like what we are about and your link will immediatly show up in our box. The catch here is that each slot that you tip us for "bumps" the one at the top down one, and once the 10 slots are filled, the 11th tipper bumps the bottom tipper off.

This is a fun and exciting way to get your links shown, and depending on the amount of tips, your link could be visible for an hour or 2, or a week or 2.

The $1 "Tip Jar" will be Black

Update: Find these boxes here:

Sojournstar Music Blog!

MusicRVA Writers Blog!

Duration 1 week
10 Slots available

Your second option is a 1 week text link for a measly $2. Your link will stay on the Top List for the entire week, and then will automaticly fall off after the 1 week duration time.

The $2 "Tip Jar" will be Red
To the sidebar is a working example, you may "tip" now to try it out!

Update: Find these boxes here:

MusicRVA Main Blog!

Diaries of an Aging Rock and Roller!

Duration 1 Month
10 slots available

Your 3rd option is a 1 month banner/logo link for only $5. Again your links will stay there a full entire month. This is the best option if you have a logo or banner

The $5 "Tip Jar" is Orange

Update: Find these boxes here:

RVA Events Blog!

Wow, what a great way to get your link on a high traffic blog or website. Every time you tip us, you get linked.
Something for something instead of something for nothing!

And the best part is, your links will be visible all the way thru our networks, wherever there is a Top List Box, (at this time I am counting 10 sites, but it will probably be displayed on many more.

All tips are paid to Paypal........

So if you appreciate what this site is trying to do for music, and you want to support music and bands, tell us you like what we are doing and "tip" us! All tips are put right back into the maintenance and continuing betterment of our goal to help music be heard.

Try it today!

If you can not see the video try the link.

Watch video!

NOTE: I will post updates on the tip boxes to let you know where they are being placed as I place each series.

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