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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MusicRVA Network Newsletter:

Look at all the people, not to mention fun new features I have not yet had time to mention!
I certainly won't try to describe them all now, but you may have already noticed
fun things like gift apps, and those of you who are visually stimulated,
may have noticed some really subtle feature additions to things like photos, media in
general, as well as, all the new members.

This is a great time to get on the network and make friends and contacts. There is a lot
going on this holiday season, and there are some great things already going on for the
beginning of the year. We have a new upcoming Rockitz Battle of the Bands starting
January 28th, 2010, which is presented by Rockitz, sponsered and supported by MusicRVA,
and a great way for bands to get tons of exposure, make contacts, plus be eligible for the
grand prize as winners of the battle. Past prizes have included recording time, equiptment
certificates, media services and more.

Members in bands or solo artists in the RVA city or region are free to apply. If you know any
bands that are not on the network here, this is the perfect time to invite them. If you are an
artist or would like to direct a band you know to the Battle of the Bands application, please use
this link to send them to the submission form.

Battle of the Bands Submission Form!

Please fill out the form in full, and in as much detail as possible where asked. The form is sent
directly to Renee Morris, booking manager for this years battle. Please allow her a few days to
respond to your contact.

To see what bands are already on next years schedule, refer to our online Battle Calendar, and follow
the simple instructions posted at the very top to view next years schedule.

Battle Calendar!

I can not tell bands and artists enough, just how important it is to get out there and meet new people
and make new contacts.

The dictionary definition of networking:
'Networking': the practice of gathering of contacts:
the process or practice of building up or maintaining informal relationships,
especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as job or
business opportunities

There is no better opportunity to network than right here on our own RVA Regional
site. This site was built and designed with You, the members in mind, take full
advantage of everything there is to offer here, and remember!
Promote, Promote, Promote, because everything you post here runs thru MusicRVA's
60 feeds internet wide. Not only will the RVA region see more of you, but the possibility
for producers, agents, and other entities accross the US and Europe is just as good.
So DO IT!! and Rock On!!


If your on the East Coast, be sure to sign up for
MusicRVA Social Network!

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